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Building a vibrant community that cares

Our programs help children and families in need, when they need it

The Capital Prosperity Foundation was established with one goal: to help children within the community. Since 2018, we’ve been working with community partners to make a tangible difference in the lives of kids and their families all across Ottawa.

  • Finished Projects

Ottawa Network for Education School Breakfast Program

Every day, our partners at the Ottawa Network for Education (ONFE) provide a nutritious breakfast to children and youth so they have the energy they need to succeed at school.

Beginning in 2018, we directed our fundraising efforts toward the School Breakfast program. Over the course of three years, through the support of our generous donors, we raised $225,000 in funding for the program. 

Understanding the urgent need for nutritious foods and increasing pressures on the cost of breakfast programs, our Board approved supporting the program for another three years.

Our partners at ONFE say that it takes a village to feed a child. 

We are proud to help build a community that supports children and empowers them to grow into their potential.

OPS Programs

Many children living in Ottawa experience poverty, and need our help. But how can we identify children in need and help them when they need it?

Our partners at Ottawa Police Services (OPS) serve the community and every day, they see firsthand where the need is.

That’s why we’ve partnered with OPS to develop and deliver programs that help children and families in marginalized neighbourhoods across Ottawa. Our programs help caregivers put food on the table and buy household necessities, basic furniture and other vital resources.

In 2023, we partnered with OPS on a pilot project to test drive two new programs.


Gift Card Program

This program provides $100 gift cards to vulnerable families so they can buy food, clothing and essential household items.

Make a House a Home

This program enables OPS officers to provide funding for basic furniture and appliances to vulnerable families with demonstrated need.

The pilot project reached 110 families and 172 children in 2023 alone.

That convinced us there is a real need for these programs, and spurred us to broaden them to reach even more vulnerable children in the Ottawa region.

As we expand our programs, we’re aiming to raise $250,000 per year for 3 years so we can help 20,000 children annually living in our community.

Want to help kids grow into their potential? Your donation will make a real difference.

Other OPS Partner Initiatives



Temporary Shelter

Providing temporary accommodation at a hotel for a parent and children seeking safety away from their home.

Holiday Food Baskets

Distributing food baskets to 100 families during the holiday season.

Summer Camp Registration

Sponsoring summer camp registration for vulnerable children.

Summer Camp Field Trips

Funding transportation and entry fees for summer camp field trips.

Car Seats for Newcomers

Supplying car seats to newcomers arriving in Canada.

Bike Helmets

Purchasing new bike helmets for the Ottawa Police Services bike rodeo.
In 2023, we partnered with OPS on a pilot project to test drive two new programs.

This year, we want to raise $250,000 per year for 3 years so we can support 20,000 children annually in marginalized communities across Ottawa.

Will you help us?