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Making a tangible difference in the lives of children and families

First responders are often the first to know when kids need help.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Ottawa Police Services (OPS) on programs and initiatives that provide tangible support to vulnerable children and families across Ottawa. Our programs help caregivers put food on the table and buy household necessities, basic furniture and other vital resources.

Discover how Capital Prosperity Foundation and OPS are making an impact in our community.

Gift card gives a boost after house fire devastates mother and two children

“The Walmart gift card gave me the freedom to buy food items that the food bank could not provide, hygiene products, and a small treat for my kids. I immediately started planning what to buy—mayo to make egg sandwiches, laundry soap to remove the smoke smell from our clothes, and snacks for the upcoming week. It was a perfect boost, providing hope and energy doing a challenging time. Without the support, our situation could have been much worse.”

- Ottawa-area mother

Gift card eases hardship, provides essential support for newcomers to Ottawa

“Today, I encountered a family that arrived from Congo three days ago—a mother with her two children. They lacked housing and were temporarily staying with another Congolese family. The mother told me they barely had any money. Her son was wearing a ripped shirt and her daughter’s clothing didn’t fit. I gave her a gift card so she could buy enough food to last the weekend and purchase suitable clothing for her kids.”

- Ottawa Police Services (OPS) officer